Welcome To The Repurposed World of Biggity!

So, we live on an island 7 miles wide by 21 miles long...not very big, huh? It may seem like a tiny spec in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, but this 'lil island has big things to offer those who dream to set foot in Paradise.


As (self proclaimed) Bahamian Amabassadors, our Family wanted to create not only products, but more importantly, a brand that remained true to our culture & the heritage that we are so passionate about. 


Biggity began with our Pepper Sauce MANY years ago...using as much local ingredients possible, it's made from fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices. This savory sauce can be used as a condiment AND a seasoning prior to cooking.  If you want to add a little 'kick' to your meal, a dash of Biggity will do the trick!  There's no proper way to eat our Pepper Sauce, so we reccomend always having some on hand for when your tastebuds need awakening.  


We are always asked..."Why the name 'Biggity?"...one taste of our Pepper Sauce will give you that answer.  Flavour that's in your face good! Bold scotch bonnet peppers toned down by the sweetness from an ecclectic brew of fruits...shhh that's as much as we can give away.  Trust us, your mouth will thank you! 


After tantilizing your tastebuds with our Pepper Sauce, don't leave the rest of your senses hanging!!  Grab one of our authentic Bahamian hand poured Soy Candles!



With scents to quench your thirst such as Sky Juice, Switcha & Rum Therapy...we're sure your cravings for Guava Duff, Banana Bread or some juicy Mangra will come alive.  Not to panic, we've got those scents too! Drooling yet?


Fourteen scents adorn the plumbing pipe shelving on the salvaged pallet wood walls in our hand-built Boutique.  


Well, if curoisity hasn't gotten the best of you, perhaps we should mention our homemade luxurious body butters, body scrubs and lip butters.  Almost good enough to eat! Made from Coconut Oil, Shea Butter & all natural ingredients, our beauty products will leave you feeling like a true Island Gal/Bey!


Need a unique tray to display those awesome Candles? How about a cheese board for that mouth watering sharp cheddar w/ Biggity Pepper Sauce on top? Perhaps some repurposed wine/rum bottle pendant lights? 


We pretty much do it all...well, almost! Our repurposed home accents are all made from wine/rum/beer bottles that would normally be discarded. Drinking glasses with fun Bahamian phrases, spoon rests, ornaments, jewelry.  Bring your bottles and let's reuse, repurpose, recycle and create together!


Thanks for Buying Bahamian Bey!

PO Box SP 60746  |  NASSAU, BAHAMAS  |  (242) 376-1520