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1.  audacious; recklessly bold  

2. intrepidly daring  

3.  vivacious  


Caribbean Definition: 

Don't mess wit dem!

In 2011, we started Biggity, a Bahamian owned & family operated small business; 2 months after becoming first time parents.  We turned our dining room table into a chemistry lab, spending hours tirelessly recreating scents of food & culture from our childhood growing up with sandy feet, salty hair and sun kissed skin.  

Our passion for our country and joy of island life continues to drive us into the future. The team at Biggity is committed to the environment, Bahamian culture, supporting local businesses and creating lasting memories. 

Take at trip down memory lane with scents like Switcha & Banana Bread.  Or take a part of the Bahamas home with you with our Sky Juice, Guava Duff & Island Christmas

(a fan favorite) scented candles!


DA Biggity Family

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